Eastern Shan State Transformation Alliance (ESSTA) is an alliance of several like-minded organizations that love the people, tribal diversity, green hills and valleys of Eastern Shan State, Myanmar. Our alliance is made up of several organizations, languages and cultures. Our members have over 25 years of on the ground experience in the region. As an alliance, we know that by working together in partnership, we can accomplish much and make a deep and lasting impact on the lives and communities of Eastern Shan State.

We believe ESSTA (pronounced Esther) is called for a time like this to see wholistic transformational development impacting all areas of society. Good news must be more than just words; it actually looks like something: doctors having personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic; migrant workers being feed, children with full tummies and opportunities to attend school; and healthy, thriving families and communities.

Alliance Members

Eastern Shan State

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Eastern Shan State has a long history of armed conflict, drug production, human trafficking, political instability and poverty. The region is world’s second largest producer of opium and methamphetamines. Many things are “broken”, leaving individuals, families and communities trapped in a cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity, due largely to lack of education and employment. The brokenness of this region has global ramifications reaching far beyond its ethnically diverse mountains, valleys and rice paddies.